Dyno Numbers
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Dyno Numbers
Yeah, she is a beast on the Dyno!!  Here is the dyno sheet:

Not bad, huh?  The off the bottle numbers are actually a little low.  It was my first run, and I believe the car was still stuck in open loop.  My bad; I should have had my laptop with me.  I am guessing peak numbers more along the 286-290 RWHP / 318-320 RWTQ.  But look at the HP / Torque curve.  Off the bottle, she puts out over 300 RWTQ from 2200 RPM until 4800 RPM!!!  

Of course, the on the bottle #'s are a bit more wavy, but quite smooth compared to many juiced cars.  And look at that torque peak... 588.4 lb/ft!!!  

Next year's goal (with big cam and well-ported heads) is 550 RWHP / 650 RWTQ.  Think it can't be done; figure this.  Most guys with the setup I plan to run dyno 400+ RWHP off the bottle.  When you port heads, that makes the N2O even more efficient.  Yeah, I think she will pull it off nicely!!