Mods for 2001
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Mods for 2001
I have some plans for 2001.  And they are sweet.  Lots of mods, and my car will be much faster this year.  I'm not one of those people that say they are going to do this and that to their car.  I DO IT!!!!!!  I have already done plenty of mods this year; here are the remaining ones that are still planned  

- Clutch.  I am getting a custom clutch disc; kevlar and bronze clutch pucks.  This damn thing better hold!

- Long Tube Headers.  It looks like coated Hooker LT's will be for me, along w/ a gutted cat and cutout (probably the electric cutout soon to be on the market).  Should have by  March or April

- LCA's.  I know someone who can have a really trick custom set made for me.  I'll probably get these or an adjustable set of BMR's in April.  

- Roll Cage.  6-point, and most likely the Wolfe Racecraft bolt-in.  I'll get it either when the techs tell me I have to have it or when I have the spare time / cash.  Probably really soon.

- Subs.  Whever I get the cage, I'll finish my system.  The rear seats are going, and the box and amp will take its place.  Either an Eclipse 15" DVC Aluminum Cone, or a couple of high end 12's.  It will be loud.  Late this year?

- 58 mm TB.  Probably at the end of the season.  One of those do it when I want to mods.  Just hoping for a few extra HP.    

- 5 point-harnesses.  Uhhh....whenever I find a set of yellow ones for a decent price.  

- Nitrous Plate.  I might go with the TNT plate system instead of my shark nozzle.  I have not decided on this yet.  It may not be a good idea.  If I do, it will probably be midseason.

- Factory power antenna.  Whenever I get a decent quote on a used one.
- Probably a bunch of dress up items and stuff like that.  I'm sure this list will grow for this year, so stay tuned!!

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