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Here are a couple of pics the first day I had the car.  She didn't stay near stock for long!

I purchased my 94 Formula on July 3rd, 1999.  It had 42k miles on it, and was in pretty good shape.  I purchased it from Automotive Consultants.  I traded my 92 V6 Camaro RS for it (if only they knew what was wrong with that car!!).  

The car was pretty much original, except for a couple of items.  The previous owner added the SLP Ram-Air HO kit to it.  This kit consists of a Firehawk style Ram-Air hood, and the functional Ram-Air box, plus a couple of decals.  The car also had a skip-shift eliminator installed on it as well, though I have never bothered to look at who made it.  For those interested, you can easily make one yourself for under a dollar, so don't go wasting $30+ on one of these damn things.

This car has been my daily driver throughout college, and served as that until I purchased my Blazer in Dec/00.  It will probably end up being my summer daily driver, since I enjoy driving it so much.

My original intent was to mod it, but at the time I had no idea how far I would go.  I do now, and it is a never ending hobby!  Here are the factory options it had:

Factory Options:

- 1994 Firebird Formula, with the 5.7L LT1 V8 (only motor available on a 93-97 Formula)
- T-Tops
- Borg-Warner T-56 6 speed manual transmission
- Power Windows, Locks, and Mirrors
- Base Stereo System (that lasted about a week)
- Keyless Entry
- A/C and rear defrost
- Oil Cooler (yes, this is an option, though most had them)
- Z-rated tires (important if you wanted the 155 MPH speedo)
- Power driver's seat
Pretty much everything else comes standard w/ the car.

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