Sam's 91 Talon
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Sam's 91 Talon

This is my buddy Sam, with his 91 Talon Tsi AWD M5.  There is a lot of history with this car.  Originally, it was his brother's car (Dan).  Sam wanted to go back to school, so they basically traded cars (91 Talon for the 94 Z), for money reasons.  Due to timing belt failures, the original motor blew, but this was okay since the original motor was kinda a POS anyway.  Sam put another motor in, and the belts were supposed to be replaced.  They weren't, and this motor broke the belt too!  

Sam decided to redo the motor, and replace the belts himself.  It was slightly modded before, but here is what it has now:

- New motor, rebuilt tranny, new clutch
- Thermal Research 3" Catback
- Ported Exhaust Manifold
- 3" Down Pipe and Straight Pipe
- Ported and Polished Heads
- Boost Controller
- Ported and Clipped Big 16G Turbo
- HKS 264 Cams
- Rims and Tires (Konig Monsoon I think)
- Some other small crap

Sam was only able to take the car to the track once w/ the new mods.  He was having major tuning problems, which are solved now.  It should be good for low 12's.

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