Friend's Cars
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Friend's Cars
You've seen my stuff.  Now see some of the cars my friends have.  Click the picture to learn more about the car, and the person behind that car.  

This page is insanely outdated.  Heck, Sam owns the Z again, and Dan owns the Talon.  I have a bunch of other cars that need to be added too.

     Sam's 16G 1991 Eagle Talon Tsi AWD

     Sam's Sweet 1989 GTA

     Dan's Vortech 1994 Z28

     Bryan's 11 second 1983 Z28

     Bryan's Juiced 87 IROC

  Tommy's 1996 WS6 Trans Am

    Brad's Dropped 96 S-10

Brad's Built 383 79 K5 Blazer

     Jon's POS 1989 Grand Am

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