Motor and Power Adding Mods
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Motor and Power Adding Mods
So it came with 275 HP from the factory.  BIG DEAL!  It is nice and all, and is enough to easily beat most cars on the road.  But it isn't enough.  The motor is 100% internally stock, but I am still making some good power.  

Just click on the different mods you would like more information about.

- Nitrous Express (NX) 150 Shot and Accessories
- SLP Ram-Air HO kit with K&N Filter
- Fernco Custom Intake Bellows
- LT1_Edit
- MSD Digital 6+ Ignition
- MSD GM-style Blaster Coil
- Accell 9000 Extreme Heat Wires
- NGK TR6 plugs
- Flowmaster Exhaust with Custom Tips
- Airfoil, Removed MAF housing screen, TB Coolant Bypass (power added: <5HP I bet!)  

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